a4 paper making machine

A4 Paper Making Machine

A4 paper making machine is used to make A4 paper. A4 paper is commonly used in our daily life. As we all know, due to unscrupulous exploiting, the abundant resource in the earth has become an old time. Now, we have faced resource shortage problem. The paper industry also has great pressure. On the one hand, there is no abundant high quality wood because of extensive deforestation. On the other hand, we have a vast demand for A4 paper with the innovation of printer. Recycling paper is becoming a trend at the present era. The A4 paper cutting machine is the best choice for recycling paper.

Certainly, wood pulp, cotton pulp, virgin pulp, little white high quality A4 paper edge, high quality recovered paper all can be the raw material of making A4 paper. It is easy for collecting raw material to make paper. As professional paper machine manufacturer, we can produce all kinds of machines. The A4 size paper cutting machine has two types: cylinder mould paper making machine, fourdrinier paper machine. The models of the A4 size paper making machine are: BT-1092, BT-2400. According to different production capacity, you can choose one from these models.

Model Output/day Weight Net Paper Width Working Speed End paper Dryness Max. working hours/day
BT-1092 10T 70-90g/m2 1200mm 80-90m/min 93%-95% 23
BT-1092 A4 paper making machine
BT-1092 A4 paper making machine

The innovation of paper making technology, the highest honor of the Chinese nation, has made a great contribution to the society. In the long history, the paper making technology has been widely spread to all over the world, such as West Asia, Europe, America, etc. After the innovation of paper making over 1600 years, the first paper making machine appeared. Since then, we have a new way to making paper. Also, we successfully promote the paper quality and enlarge the usage. The A4 paper manufacturing machine is one kind of paper machine. It has changed the traditional production mode. The a4 paper machine greatly facilitates the the development of productivity.

Model Output/day Weight Net Paper Width Working Speed End paper Dryness Max. working hours/day
BT-2400 50T 40-100g/m2 2640mm 260-330m/min 93%-95% 22.5
BT-2400 A4 paper making machine
BT-2400 A4 paper making machine

The end product of A4 paper packing machine can be A4 paper, office paper, writing paper, digital paper, cultural paper. So many wide application. Another name of the machine is office paper making machine. There are so many advantages of the machine: high quality, high productivity, low energy consumption, environmental friendly, long service life.

The Commitment To Our Customers:

1. Completely designed, technologically advanced
2. Convenient and smooth operation, high operation efficiency
3. Various output capacity and configuration of A4 paper production line can be customized based on different needs of customers.

BT1092 A4 Paper Making Machine (1200mm type) Main Technical:

Raw materials Wood pulp, cotton pulp, High quality waste paper
Production varieties A4 Paper, office paper, writing paper, Digital Paper, Cultural paper,
Papermaking Weight 70-90g/m2
Net paper width 1200mm
Design Speed 100m/min
Working speed 80-90m/min
Output capacity/day 5-10ton/24hours
Transmission AC variable speed control; Division Transmission
Arrangement way Left and right phone
Rail distance 1800mm
End product dryness 94%-97%
Max Working hours/day 24hours
Output rate 97.5%
Net cage specifications φ1250mm(two set)
Dryer Specifications φ1500mm(ten sets)

Really Good Deal Business:
The paper making industry has vast development potential. When you want to make a investment, never miss the chance of investing paper making machine. After all, we use paper everyday. At present, paper can not be replaced for a long time. So, paper industry is a prosperous industry.

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