The Factors To Consider When Designing Toilet Paper Making Machine

What are the factors to consider when designing toilet paper making machine? Today, I would like to share these factors: the production capacity and application range data, spare parts, general data, technology data.

Firstly, the production capacity and application range data:
a. width of paper
b. speed of a working motor, designing speed of a motor, speed of a structure motor
c. main technology characteristics of pulping, squeezing, dryer section of toilet paper making machine

Secondly, spare parts:
a. all parts of gauge and bearing distance
b. diameter, width, amount, surface characteristic of rollers, drying cylinders
c. material, quantity of panel


Thirdly, general data:
a. length, width, height of paper making machine
b. weight of paper making machine
c. total capacity of paper manufacturing equipment

Fourth: technology data:
a. appropriate raw material category and beating degree
b. category and name of paper making machine production
c. concentration and drying degree of paper making production line

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