The Flow System Of Paper Making Machine

The Flow system of paper making machine contains of transporting, seminal plasma, purification, screening, degassing, rectification and dehydration. Also, it has determination of stock concentration, adjustment, water collection, recycle and so on.

In the process of flow system, every stage needs balance. They can affect each other. If one of the flow system is unstable, the whole production process can be disordered. Therefore, how to maintain the stability of paper making production line? Due to inner structure with strong function, the inner structure of We Beston paper making machine can guarantee the whole production process. It is our advantage.

Compared with old type paper making machine, the new paper making machine can meet many requirements, such as compact production, short, delicacy, efficient, stable, precisive operation and so on.

The innovation is the impetus for developing company. We insist on producing new type machine. The technology of our factory is advanced. You can find high quality machines from us, such as small paper recycling machine, tissue paper machine, toilet paper making machine and so on.

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