The Investing Cost Of Small Paper Making Machine

For small toilet paper manufacturer, a set of small paper making machine is enough. Commonly, the set of equipment contains three machines, such as toilet roll making machine, toilet paper cutter machine and toilet paper packing machine. Many customers would like to choose 787, 1575, 1880 type small paper machine.

Working place, paper making machine, raw material and relevant procedure formalities are necessary for start paper business.

Workshop: you should prepare 80-100m2 factory area for your small paper making factory at first. The device for producing toilet paper covers an area of 30-40m2. The rest of factory area can be used to place raw material and finished product, etc. When you build workshop, the cost may be different due to different geographic location. You can ask constructor to give you estimated cost. You can build workshop according to your fund. The napkin paper machine price is competitive.

Raw material for making toilet paper: pure wood pulp, semi wood pulp are good choice for making paper. Wood pulp can make good quality paper. Due to lack of forest resource, waste paper also can be used to produce paper.

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