How To Maintain Paper Making Machine When Summer Comes?

When summer comes, temperature is increasing. Many new and regular customers are beginning to consider the maintenance problem. We Beston would like to tell you something about maintenance tips.

Firstly, the running of paper making machine belongs to mechanical motion. With the motion and continuous work, the spare parts of paper making machine would have a certain of wear and tear. The higher temperature can accelerate the evaporation speed of lubricating parts. Then, the key parts of paper making machine can be abraded quickly. Therefore, you should adopt lubricating oil to lubricate. Continuously lubricating can take away a amount of heat. So it is a good way to protect machine from abrasion.

Secondly, when your paper making machine is in the house, you should pay attention to temperature adjustment and ventilation. Choosing a good working condition is necessary for maintaining machine. While, when your paper machine is in outside, you should put up shed to prevent sun, rain and dust.

In order to make your paper machine have high working efficiency and long service life, you should care about the effect of weather and environment. It is important to maintain paper making machine.

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