How To Maintain Toilet Paper Making Machine?

When you manufacture toilet paper, you need three sets of machines, toilet roll making machine, toilet paper cutting machine, tissue paper packing machine. The toilet roll making machine is an important machine for making toilet paper. Maintaining is necessary for all kinds of machines. Beston would like to introduce some relevant knowledge about maintaining each parts of toilet paper making machine.

Firstly, clean on time. You should pay attention to clean some parts of toilet roll making machine. Don’t let sundries fall over between steel rod and dull roll.

Secondly, voltage stability. Stable voltage can guarantee toilet paper production line have a good working condition. If not, the electrical machine can be damaged easily.


Thirdly, maintaining spare parts. Some small spare parts of toilet roll manufacturing machine is easy for abrasion, such as gear, print knife and so on. You should maintain them on time.

Fourthly, lubricating on time. The gearing of toilet roll machine needs lubricating on time. Rusting machine can affect the production efficiency. The grease is the frequently-used lubricating oil for toilet paper making machine.

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