tissue paper cutting machine

Tissue Paper Cutting Machine

The paper cutter machine is used to cut paper to form a variety of length. The paper cutting machine is an import part in the paper manufacturing process. The tissue paper cutting machine has many advantages: high precise degree, high productivity, first class quality, competitive price, long service life. Therefore, our machine has a broader market and been exported to many countries. All customers think that we are a reliable and responsible enterprise. We not only provide pre-sale service but also perfect after-sale service.

With our toilet paper cutting machine, you don’t need to cut by yourself. You just need to set the length and time. The tissue cutting machine can cut total paper automatically and precisely. The machine is very easy for operating. According to length of total paper, we have correspondent toilet paper roll cutting machine. If you tell us your capacity, we will give you the most appropriate machine.

tissue paper cutting machine
tissue paper cutting machine
Product cut size (mm): 100-210
Cutter Length (mm):80-120
Cutter Length (mm):100-210
Dimensions (mm):2530 × 1700 × 1750
Cutting speed (cuts / min):80-120
Power:380V 50HZ
Total power:7kw
Machine weight:1510kg

Beston Machinery, professional supplier and manufacturer of paper making machine, has many year’s manufacturing experience. We also provide tissue paper making machine, paper napkin making machine, A4 size paper making machine, etc. If you are interested in our product, contact us to get free quotation.

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