paper packing machine

Tissue Paper Packing Machine

Paper packing machine is used to pack paper at the end process of making paper. The paper packaging machine can protect the shaped paper from contamination and make paper have good looking appearance. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, people have larger demand for all kinds of paper, which fuel the growth of paper packing industry. The tissue packing machine has wide development prospect.

In order to make maximum benefits within the fixed time, you should make sure you have good production line. Automatic degree has been improved constantly in manufacturing industry that has wide application in production process. The tissue paper packing machine, with high automatic degree, can complete packing automatically and in large batches. The toilet paper packing machine has enhanced productivity and production quality greatly. Also, tissue paper folding machine can reduce labor intensity, consume of energy and resource.

paper packing machine
paper packing machine
Type:Packaging Machinery (bagging with seal)
Sealing Biansi:Width 2mm
Round wire diameter:0.5mm
Material:nickel-chromium wire
Air pressure:0.5 Map (customer supplied)
Power supply voltage:220V 50HZ
Dimensions:2530 × 1600 × 1400mm (L × W × H)
Production speed:20-35 bags / min
Scope:wrapping paper bag sealing (specifications are required)

For paper making industry, tissue packaging machine plays an important role whether in production quality or production efficiency. When you plan to do paper making business, you should have a good performance paper packaging machine. Beston Machinery has been engaged in manufacturing paper making machine and cover making machine for many years. We will provide you good quality and reasonable price. Don’t miss the chance to get free quotation.

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