paper roll making machine

Toilet Roll Making Machine

The toilet roll making machine is the first set of equipment after paper making machinery.The toilet roll machine is used to roll paper evenly. The machine’s working principle: the friction between the weight of paper roll and the cold cylinder rotating would drive the machine to roll paper. The paper roll making machine is mainly used to roll large size of total paper to bobbin paper of single layer, two layers, three layers. The toilet roll manufacturing machine can make paper more evenness that can satisfy the demand of all kinds of paper.

Full Automatic Toilet Roll Making Machine:

paper roll making machine
paper roll making machine

Paper width:2100mm
Finished roll diameter:Φ75-150 mm (adjustable tightness)
Finished roll inner diameter:Φ 20-50 mm
Paper Diameter:≤Φ 1100 mm (others can be customized)
Paper inner diameter:76.2 mm
Punch distance:90-160mm (adjustable)
Speed:180-200 m / min
Drop paper tube:automatic loading paper tube
Embossing device:two sets of embossing.
single-sided embossed (steel wool rolls)
Parameter settings:color touch screen
Programming control:PLC
On paper holder:3 stories
Equipment size (L × W × H):6200 × 3200 × 1800mm

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